Alan of Winchcombe

It's only a year since Alan of Winchcombe came to the Covenant, but he has become truly indispensable. A stout warrior, a marvellous singer, a fine huntsman, he must have nobility in his ancestry – but it is for his cunning that he is most regarded by the Captain of the Grogs, Serjeant Blunt. He has become devoted to the Serjeant, and to Great Henry who he treats like a brother; but more worrying is the clear signs he is paying court to Lady Eleanor of Jerbiton, a girl less than half his age, and a noble and maga to boot! She pretends not to notice, or maybe she really does not - they are certainly very close, and he seems a little overfamiliar with her sister, Isabella de Uley as well, though Isabella seems to regrd him with contempt. The covenfolk and other grogs are too embarassed to discuss this to his face, or rebuke him.

Alan has odd gifts - he is known to be an expert at picking locks, and a wonderfully stealthy hunter, and his ability in intrigue and guile are no a byword round the covenant. Many think he used to be an Outlaw, and there may be some truth in the matter - he and Great Henry seem to have known each other in the past, and sometimes talk in hushed whispers when they think no one is listening. He certainly has no love for nobles, and seems to make himself scarce when Sir Robert, Sir Pagan or Marguerite de Uley are about.

Alan of Winchcombe is played by Nick Meredith

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