Cornelius of Bremen

Cornelius was born, apprenticed, and gauntleted in the Rhine Tribunal, and is a hearty German magus of great power, whose youthful looks attest to his powerful longevity ritual. 156 years of age, he has lived here in Puck's Dell for the last seven decades, after his House assigned him to oversee the Redcap Network of the Stonehenge Tribunal,

Most Redcaps are not Gifted (blessed with magic): Cornelius is, and by blood and magical heritage can trace his line of descent right back to the first Recap, Mercere the Founder. He has an amazing knowledge of Greek and Roman mythology, and an encyclopaedic knowledge of history and literature, but little time it seems for theology or Church matters. In fact it is a cause of some scandal that he has never once set foot in the parish church even after all his years in the area – but his unwillingness to go to the local village of Owlpen has done much to hide his great age from the superstitious locals, and the covenfolk know never to mention it in front of strangers.

He is a master of the techniques Rego and Muto and the forms Vim,Corpus and Mentem, but never seems to use them in public, and is known to prefer to cast spells ritually or ceremonially taking great time and being very cautious about it.

He speaks to the other magi and less often the apprentices, but hardly ever bothers to address any of the covenfolk except Bobius Candlewick the Seneschal and Blunt, Captain of the Grogs. Most people are a bit frightened of him.

Cornelius is played by Andrew Sceats

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