What You All Know

This is the information generally known to all the characters in the freeform – after all, most of you have known each other for years, so it makes sense you know something about each other before the game starts. Ivan Hartley kindly put this together from the notes on the freeform page. Thanks Ivan!

Marguerite de Uley [Edit]

Lady Marguerite de Uley is the lady of the manor on whom the covenant of Puck's Dell stands. She has two faithful knights who hold manors from her, Sir Robert and Sir Pagan. Since the death of her husband, Baron Thomas, last year, she has ruled the manor in her own name. She awaits the judgement of Count William, her feudal overlord, as to whether she must re-marry, or may continue to hold the lands as an heiress. Her only son, Sir Tobias, went off on crusade some fifteen years ago, and is believed dead: the last letter home said he had left the Crusaders at Constantinople to make his own way to the Holy Land, and that was in 1204.There has been no word from him since.

Lady Marguerite has twin daughters, Eleanor of Jerbiton and Isabella de Uley. Eleanor is a real worry to her mother, for having planned to become a nun for many years as a child, and left to join a convent, she later found Eleanor had rejected this calling and has joined the community of scholars at the tower in the woods, and now lives among the magicians. In fact she sometimes wonders if Eleanor became one herself! Isabella is quieter, much given to music and dancing, and a real support to her mother, but without a dowry marrying her off has proven difficult, and most of her suitors simply want to gain control of the estates, so she has rejected them one after the other.

Also with her is her loyal parish priest Father Gerard.

Lady Marguerite is played by Sheila Thomas.

Lugh [Edit]

Mischief making apprentice to Cedric of Verditius.

Lugh is like a flame; he burns bright, lives fast, and many fear he will perish in the ashes of a Wizard's March, as he seems so uncontrollable. Some three years remain till he takes his Gauntlet, but this young Verditius magi should surely have been a member of House Flambeau? He uses casting tools to cast magic, but it is apparent that unlike his parens, Cedric of Verditius, he can cast spells easily, and he has already mastered a number of minor magics with which he makes a nuisance of himself.

He resists Cedric's attempts to keep him at the forge, and likes to run off in to the forest, seducing local girls and making a nuisance of himself; a practical joker, his wild ways are tamed only by the hours of darkness, when his cyclical magic fades rendering him weaker. At least he should not be too much of a problem at the Feast of the Founder!

Lugh is played by Nick Galaxy.

Sir Robert [Edit]

Faithful Knight of Marguerite de Uley. Younger son of Count William.

A gentle knight, a younger son of a great lord – Count William of Gloucester. Count William, his father, is liege lord to the estate of Marguerite de Uley, and will ultimately decide whom she must marry and therefore who will be your next lord. Unfortunately everyone knows that the wicked Baron Guy of Leeds is the most likely candidate for this marriage, and that once he lays claim to the estate and married poor Marguerite things will change around here, and may become harder for the magi who have always been tolerated by the de Uley's.

Robert is a romantic and chivalric night, but also a ferocious warrior. Many of the covenfolk hope he can persuade his father to allow the estate to remain in Marguerite's hands, but as she has no male heir since her son Tobias vanished on crusade in 1204 that seems rather unlikely. She and her daughters may soon be forced to accept a new husband and father, and Robert is known to be upset by this.

Sir Robert is played by Anders Håkon Gaut.

Cedric of Verditius [Edit]

Magi, Parens of Lugh.

Cedric of Verditius is a smith, maker of magic items and powerful magician. He comes from the north of England, and has, by some obscure mystery magic he has learned, an automaton of an owl as a familiar. Traditionally dressed in robes and leathers, he carries many magic items which are all keyed to require a special word to use: but he is almost completely incapable of casting spontaneous magics, and as a result he does not venture forth much from the Covenant. He is a Master of Rego and Terram magic, and is very popular with the redcaps for whom he has made magic items, and the grogs for having crafted their magical armour, even if his Gift makes most people uncomfortable around him.

Played by Kevin Sides.

Serjeant Blunt [Edit]

Friend of Great Henry and Alan of Winchcombe.

Serjeant Blunt is almost a knight: he owns a fine war horse, Perseverance, a fine riding horse, Dumpty, and a fine hunting horse Sorrel. He owns a dozen fine hunting hounds, and maintains a kennels. He speaks good French, and is a mighty warrior, and everyone knows his sword Lightning was enchanted by Cedric of Verditius. In every respect he is a knight; bar one – he has never been knighted, and lacks the social status.

He longed for the day Thomas de Uley would knight him – that day never came, and Thomas fell ill and died, leaving his wife Marguerite de Uley as lady of the manor. Everyone knows his disappointment.

So he remains a serjeant, a mercenary knight – and has to settle for his role as Captain of the Grogs, faithfully defending the covenant against all threats. He can rely on the mysterious but immensely strong Great Henry, and the wily Alan of Winchcombe in any fight. He is a brave man and a wonderful hunter, but secretly many of the covenfolk and grogs feel sorry for him, knowing only to well his stifled ambitions.

Serjeant Blunt is played by Daniel Vandenburg.

Eleanor of Jerbiton [Edit]

Daughter of Marguerite de Uley, twin of Isabella de Uley.

Eleanor is the daughter of Baroness Marguerite de Uley, and twin sister of Isabella de Uley.

She was raised as a noble lady, and has been courted by half the minor nobility and knights of England, but from an early age made it clear that she had no interest in taking a husband and settling down to the life of a lady. Instead she read books, becoming fluent in French, Latin and even written English, and studying alongside her older brother Tobias under the tutelage of Father Gerard, a village priest not much older than Tobias. Her great friend and twin sister Isabella de Uley had no heart for lessons; preferring to play musical instruments and sing and dance, and Tobias preferred riding, fighting and hunting, as a young knight should: but all three siblings were great friends. You were devastated 16 years ago when your brother went missing on crusade; the last letter was sent in 1204 from Constantinople where upset by what he had seen he vowed to travel to the Holy Land alone to fight the battle he had intended to fight when he joined the crusade.

At the age of 13 you did what everyone expected, and went away to join a nunnery; but in reality you slipped away on the first night from that dull tedious place, and returned to the tower in the woods, where for the last 15 years you trained in magic under Alice of Jerbiton, a powerful maga who has recently left the covenant to journey to Constantinople on a mysterious errand. While supposedly a secret that you had joined the scholars in the tower, you only really tried to hide it from your mother, and she at least half-suspects the truth, though you never openly speak of it.

Gentle Gifted, she is the most approachable of the magi and friend with the covenfolk, and especially with the young apprentices still studying magic. She is skilled in Perdo and Imaginem magic.

Eleanor is played by Laura Knighton.

Isabella de Uley [Edit]

Daughter of Marguerite de Uley, twin of Eleanor of Jerbiton.

Details to follow.

Played by Becky Smith.

Father Gerard [Edit]

Confessor to Marguerite de Uley.

Parish priest of Uley and confessor to Marguerite de Uley, this learned young priest could easily have been an important figure in the ecclesiastical hierarchy, and has many times been offered better positions more suited to his talents than that he currently holds by the Bishop. When he first arrived aged nineteen to take up his position he acted as tutor to Eleanor of Jerbiton and Isabella de Uley and their brother Tobias who has been missing since the crusade of 1204.

Why he remains in the village is anyone guess, and it is rumoured he is displeased with Cornelius of Bremen who NEVER attends mass, not even on Easter Sunday. He rarely comes to the covenant, except to perform weddings and funerals in the ramshackle chapel here, and to take the mass on Easter Day. (Failure to go to Mass on Easter Sunday makes you a heathen, so pretty much everybody goes on that day, even if they never go on other days)

He is popular with the covenfolk and grogs and is said to know wards, which drive off fairies and imps and bless the crops. He is particular friends with Great Henry.

Father Gerard is played by Lloyd Graney.

Hairy Breeks Ex Miscellanea [Edit]

Hairy Breeks is just odd – there is no other word for it. No one can remember ever seeing him before, but he has just arrived from the woods, and judging by his attire he does not venture forth from them often. In barbaric Latin he addressed the grogs, and identified himself as a magus Ex Miscellanea – if he had not everyone might have mistaken him for a Woodwose! His green tinged skin and primitive clothing marks him out as an eccentric, and it seems he is an Eremite, a magus who does not live within a covenant.

Once it was established he spoke perfect English and some halting French everyone relaxed – but he till has to be taken in to the Covenant, and if the Gift makes some people uncomfortable, this fellow must be Blatantly Gifted. He is however most insistent that he must speak with the magi and soon, and the rules of the Founders Feast mean no one must ever be turned way.

Hairy Breeks is played by Mark Steedman.

Alice of Jerbiton [Edit]

Absent Maga and Parens of Eleanor of Jerbiton.

Parens to Eleanor of Jerbiton Alice is a mature Jerbiton maga of great power, but she has for many years argued fiercely with Cornelius of Bremen, for reasons not clear to anyone except those two. The ill will between them is well known throughout the covenfolk however, and after gauntleting Eleanor her apprentice last year she took off to Constantinople and the Theban Tribunal on personal business.

She arrived safely, that much is known, for her “ghostly image” appeared one night in the great hall of the covenant and spoke a short message confirming she was now in Constantinople, and telling of the dreadful ruin wrought on the city by the crusaders. She wept passionately as she spoke the words: she has always been a collector of fine religious iconography, and her knowledge of art and the finer things is without compare. The image vanished as swiftly as it came, but many felt that somehow the message she gave of the ruin of Constantinople seemed to be one of reproach, and aimed peculiarly at Cornelius of Bremen, whose fault it can hardly be!

Elegant, beautiful, sophisticated, her presence is sadly missed by all. Well over a thousand miles away, she is not expected to ever return. She is a master of Rego, Creo and Imaginem magic.

If she did, she would be played by Kirstie Sceats.

Sir Pharisee [Edit]

A strange knight clad in peculiar armour and wreathed in flowers, none of you have ever seen anything like this bizarre and frightening man. He has just arrived and demanded hospitality.

Played by Thomas Nowell.

Great Henry [Edit]

Friend of Serjeant Blunt and Alan of Winchcombe.

Great Henry is one of the grogs, a muscular and handsome young man who joined the covenant ten years ago. A little clumsy, he is immensely strong – indeed mythically strong – and can carry a fully armoured knight and horse, it is said, should he ever have the need to. He never speaks of his past, or why he came here, but the rumour among the covenfolk is that when he was very young he was part of a celebrated outlaw band up in Sherwood Forest, and after being arrested by the Sheriff of Nottingham was pardoned from the gallows by King Richard himself. He certainly seems to know a great deal about courtly etiquette, but attempts to make him speak on the matter always fail.

Henry often appears a little simple, but he is hard working and immensely courteous to his betters, and well liked by everyone. Most of the girls of the covenant are attracted to him, but he only has eyes for Madeline the Fair, an entertainer and jester who pays infrequent visits to the covenant, and who first told the story that hinted at his questionable past. She has always rebuffed his advances though, to date.

He is immensely loyal to Serjeant Blunt. Commander of the Grogs, but prefers not to deal with Bobius Candlewick for some reason.

Great Henry is played by Ivan Hartley.

Bobius Candlewick [Edit]

Busy Seneschal.

The Candlewick's have been Seneschals of the covenant for centuries: the latest in the long line is Bobius, and soon he must take a wife and produce an heir to maintain the lineage.

Bobius is always a little sensitive about his unusual name: it's a family one apparently, but he manages to carry it with rather more dignity, some would say pomposity, than one might expect! A stern and commanding figure, he rules over the covenfolk (servants), but he is kind hearted and, it is said, that occasionally he can be tricked by one clever enough.

Bobius keeps detailed records of the magical ingredients (the vis) and the mundane stores and finances of the covenant, and liaises between the magi and the mortal folk of the covenant. He also deals with important guests, such as Marguerite_de_Uley and her daughter Eleanor of Jerbiton, and any other visitors who may come to stay at the tower in the valley.

He is a busy and important man, and likely to be at his busiest tonight, The Feast of the Founder.

Bobius is played by Andrew Oakley.

Geron of Bonisagus [Edit]

Lab rat.

Geron has been at the covenant for the last thirty years, but to many of the covenfolk he could have arrived yesterday! He is the quintessential Bonisagus lab rat, usually seen in his ink stained white robes emerging briefly from his laboratory to send for some outlandish magical ingredient, muttering bizarrely about formulae and magical equations no one else understands at all. He is friends with his fellow magi, but almost never attends social functions, barring this, the Feast of the Founder, where every year he appears, and looks every bit as uncomfortable as his magical Gift makes normal non-magical folk feel.

That he is a powerful magus no one doubts; that he is engaged on some long-term research project is equally apparent, but no one knows what it is. His apprentice Boniface has revealed however that he is a master of Perdo, Ignem and Aquam magic, and his sigil involves a sudden feeling of cold and frost appearing on items he touches.

Played by Barrie James.

Sir Pagan [Edit]

Faithful Knight of Marguerite de Uley?

Claims valley of covenant as his by ancient right

Sir Pagan is the Lord of Nympsfield, the manor on the other side of the valley to Uley, and a vassal of Marguerite de Uley. He prides himself on being the best horseman, best swordsman and best huntsman in the region. Vain, ambitious and yet with the talent to carry it off, he has been much more independent since Sir Thomas Uley died last year.

Pagan claims that by ancient right the valley that contains the covenant is part of his estates, not the demesne of Marguerite de Uley. As a loyal vassal he has never pushed his claim.

A former crusader, Pagan is almost as heathen as his name suggests – when he returned in 1205 from the crusades, something had changed him, and he has never spoken of his experiences in the East except to say he has no idea of the fate of Sir Tobias, Marguerite's son, after the Fall of Constantinople.

He has recently been spending a lot of time around the covenant and around Lady Marguerite's court.

Sir Pagan is played by Luke Price.

Baron Guy of Leeds [Edit]

Villain! Seeks to marry Marguerite de Uley, friend of Count William of Gloucester.

Baron Guy of Leeds is a powerful landowner from the North of England, who is detested by almost everyone at the covenant, simply because he is said to have destroyed the hermetic covenant of Shingle Stream that once stood upon his land, and because it is said he acted with unspeakable brutality during the Fourth Crusade, coming home from the Sack of Constantinople in 1204 laden with riches but not exactly piled high with honour.

He has married half a dozen rich widows, each time expanding his lands, and each time the widow in question has fallen ill and died within a year. It is said the way that some nobles hunt the fat deer, Guy of Leeds hunts heiresses.

A friend of Count William of Gloucester, it is known he has been seeking that Lord's permission to marry Marguerite de Uley. If he gets it, he will be your new overlord, and very bad things might befall everyone?

A black-hearted villain despised by everyone, Sir Guy is very unwelcome. Still he has come looking for Lady Marguerite and the rules of the Feast of the Founder are clear – he must be offered hospitality.

Madeline the Fair [Edit]

Much courted minstrel. Rebuffs all advances.

Madeline is a minstrel, entertainer and sometimes jester who has entertained the covenant on many occasions in the past and is always popular. She is a rarity, an independent woman who travels around the countryside, looking after herself. Whether juggling, playing an instrument, singing, or most of all telling jokes and fairy tales Madeline brings joy wherever she goes; but many whisper she has secrets she is hiding from all, and at times she seems strangely, broodingly quiet.

Known as Madeline the Fair for her good looks, she has a magic device, which allows her to appear as a man if she so chooses – some say it is a ring, given to her many years ago by a Redcap.

She is courted by many of the men of the covenant, particularly Great Henry, the immensely strong grog, but she has rebuffed all advances and proposals to date.

Madeline carries a quarterstaff and is an immensely dangerous fighter, skilled with both that weapon and the dagger.

Played by Taryn Walton.

Alan of Winchcombe [Edit]

Devoted to Serjeant Blunt and Great Henry. Paying court to Lady Eleanor of Jerbiton. Avoids Sir Robert, Sir Pagan or Marguerite de Uley.

It's only a year since Alan of Winchcombe came to the Covenant, but he has become truly indispensable. A stout warrior, a marvellous singer, a fine huntsman, he must have nobility in his ancestry – but it is for his cunning that he is most regarded by the Captain of the Grogs, Serjeant Blunt. He has become devoted to the Serjeant, and to Great Henry who he treats like a brother; but more worrying is the clear signs he is paying court to Lady Eleanor of Jerbiton, a girl less than half his age, and a noble and maga to boot! She pretends not to notice, or maybe she really does not – they are certainly very close, and he seems a little over familiar with her sister, Isabella de Uley as well, though Isabella seems to regard him with contempt. The covenfolk and other grogs are too embarrassed to discuss this to his face, or rebuke him.

Alan has odd gifts – he is known to be an expert at picking locks, and a wonderfully stealthy hunter, and his ability in intrigue and guile are now a byword around the covenant. Many think he used to be an Outlaw, and there may be some truth in the matter – he and Great Henry seem to have known each other in the past, and sometimes talk in hushed whispers when they think no one is listening. He certainly has no love for nobles, and seems to make himself scarce when Sir Robert, Sir Pagan or Marguerite de Uley are about.

Alan of Winchcombe is played by Nick Meredith.

Cornelius of Bremen [Edit]

Gifted Mercere, Aloof!

Cornelius was born, apprenticed, and gauntleted in the Rhine Tribunal, and is a hearty German magus of great power, whose youthful looks attest to his powerful longevity ritual. 156 years of age, he has lived here in Puck's Dell for the last seven decades, after his House assigned him to oversee the Redcap Network of the Stonehenge Tribunal,

Most Redcaps are not Gifted (blessed with magic): Cornelius is, and by blood and magical heritage can trace his line of descent right back to the first Recap, Mercere the Founder. He has an amazing knowledge of Greek and Roman mythology, and an encyclopaedic knowledge of history and literature, but little time it seems for theology or Church matters. In fact it is a cause of some scandal that he has never once set foot in the parish church even after all his years in the area – but his unwillingness to go to the local village of Owlpen has done much to hide his great age from the superstitious locals, and the covenfolk know never to mention it in front of strangers.

He is a master of the techniques Rego and Muto and the forms Vim, Corpus and Mentem, but never seems to use them in public, and is known to prefer to cast spells ritually or ceremonially taking great time and being very cautious about it.

He speaks to the other magi and less often the apprentices, but hardly ever bothers to address any of the covenfolk except Bobius Candlewick the Seneschal and Serjeant Blunt, Captain of the Grogs. Most people are a bit frightened of him. In an emergency he may well talk to everyone, and at the Feast of the Founder he is always far more jovial than normal, but it's hard when everyone treats you with such respect and deference!

Cornelius is played by Andrew Sceats.

Stephen the (unhappy) Redcap [Edit]

Avoids Madeline the Fair.

Stephen is one of the two (unGifted) Redcaps at the covenant, and is known to be unhappy with his lot. Born and raised here, he often complains that while one might expect an important Mercere led covenant to support its Redcaps well, and he certainly has no complaints about the magic items produced by Cedric of Verditius and Cornelius of Bremen for the Redcaps, he feels the Redcaps have never been granted the status their full membership of the Order of Hermes entails, and are treated more like covenfolk than full magi.

Stephen is a wild youth, and has travelled extensively, even disappearing for three years before being discovered recovering from a serious illness by a Quaesitor. He has never spoken of the nature of that illness, but he seems to hold a severe grudge about something since his return.

He also appears to have a very serious problem with Madeline the Fair. Exactly why he avoids her and cowers whenever she is mentioned is not known.

Played by Dan Mascall.

Guido the Redcap [Edit]

Late for the feast and quieter than usual.

Guido is a Redcap, one of the messengers of the Order of Hermes. He was born in East Anglia, and apprenticed at the Covenant of Antiqua Natura in the Norfolk fens, and according to him everything there is much better than here. His gentle teasing occasionally annoys the residents of the covenant, but they know he is a brilliant and talented traveller, and a messenger beyond compare. No matter how dangerous a mission, Guido always comes back alive, with a great story to share.

Guido loves to be away from the covenant off on his travels, and recently has seemed to spend longer and longer periods absent. He seems particularly unhappy to be back tonight, but it is well known that all the magi, including Redcaps must be here for the Feast of the Founder.

Even so he arrives late, and is unusually quiet as he leads his horse to the stables...

Guido is played by Edd Fahy.

Boniface [Edit]

Apprentice to Geron of Bonisagus.

Boniface is the youngest of the apprentices, and the youngest person present at the Feast of the Founder, as all the covenfolk's children have been put to bed. He is so young that even though he often wears a magic ring made by Geron of Bonisagus that makes him appear much older and as a mature magi, his childish mannerisms and occasionally shrill voice gives him away. Yet Boniface is no mere child: he is of mythic intelligence, and an inventive genius, and Geron knows that he will one day be a notable figure in the Order of Hermes.

Boniface caused a major squabble among the magi two years back. He was originally discovered by Alice of Jerbiton and taken as an apprentice by her, but Geron then claimed him as is his right as a Bonisagus under the Code of Hermes. This may well have been a factor in Alice's decision to leave the Covenant.

Boniface is prone to gossip, very excitable, and well liked by almost everyone: but very so often he falls silent and stares in to space in a most disconcerting manner.

Boniface is played by Neil Taylor.

Black Tom [Edit]

Carpenter and Faerie cursed poacher.

Black Tom is just plain unsettling – since he was cursed the covenfolk are scared of him, and only the Magi are immune to the weirdness. He has developed a magical air, almost as if he had the Gift. Perhaps it's his appearance – clad strangely in black, after the cursing he has developed cat’s ears and a black snub nose, and looks – well a bit like a half human half black tomcat!

Tom has always been the builder and carpenter for the covenant, and plays a vital role in repairing and fixing things, and putting up new structures that cannot be quickly constructed by magic. Unfortunately he has also always had a taste for poaching, and often slipped over the boundary through the woods in to the game reserve of [[Sir Pagan]. It was on a Midsummer's Night five years ago that he interrupted a faerie hunt, and was cursed with his beastly appearance.

Tom is said to be infatuated with Madeline the Fair: he certainly pays her a great deal of attention. He is well liked by the covenfolk, but they are just – uneasy around him, and find it hard to talk to him, since the curse took effect...

Black Tom is played by Barry Cowden.

Rufus the Chef [Edit]

Fiery Chef.

Rufus, so called for his preference for the colour red, is the cook at the covenant. Originally from the Toulouse region of the South of France, he has been at the covenant for some fifteen years, and soon after his arrival fell in to helping out in the kitchens. Soon he rose to take over all food preparation, and when Cedric of Verditius built the magical oven Rufus apparently had a great deal of input. Since the oven has arrived there have been less of the unfortunate fires, which occasionally spontaneously break out in his presence.

Most of the covenfolk are unnerved by Rufus – only Bobius Candlewick and Black Tom have grown used to him, and even they are a bit edgy at times. He is a true artiste in the kitchen, and more than a little temperamental, so most people just do whatever he asks and scuttle away as quickly as possible afterwards!

Played by Neil Henderson.

Axel of Mercere [Edit]

Axel hails from the very north of the Rhine Tribunal, the region of Schleswig. He was discovered by his parens Cornelius of Bremen some sixteen years ago,and he really should be a full magus by now, but for some reason Cornelius has never seen fir to Gauntlet him, despite his having already many times travelled a full round of the Stonehenge Tribunal serving as a Redcap for a season, a traditional Gauntlet for House Mercere.

He is not just a Redcap; he is a Gifted Redcap, one of the few in the House, and the blood and magical lineage of Mercere the Founder course threw his body. Yet for some reason he remains here, still an apprentice, a year after Eleanor of Jerbiton his friend became a full maga.

Axel is handsome, impishly charming and fun, and has already an excellent command of Muto and Animal magic. Everyone knows he is desperate to be give his freedom so he can go and make his way in the world, but until he passes his Gauntlet that will not happen.

Axel is played by Karl Trygve Kalleberg.

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