Rufus the Chef

Rufus, so called for his preference for the colour red, is the cook at the covenant.Originally from the Toulouse region of the South of France, he has been at the covenant for some fifteen years, and soon after his arrival fell in to helping out in the kitchens. Soon he rose to take over all food preparation, and when Cedric of Verditius built the magical oven Rufus apparently had a great deal of input. Since the oven has arrived there have been less of the unfortunate fires which occasionally spontaneously break out in his presence.

Most of the covenfolk are unnerved by Rufus - only Bobius Candlewick and Black Tom have grown used to him, and even they are a bit edgy at times. He is a true artiste in the kitchen, and more than a little temperamental, so most people just do whatever he asks and scuttle aways as quickly as possible afterwards!

Played by Neil Henderson

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