Serjeant Blunt

Serjeant Blunt is almost a knight: he owns a fine war horse, Perseverance, a fine riding horse, Dumpty, and a fine hunting horse Sorrel. He owns a dozen fine hunting hounds, and maintains a kennels. He speaks good French, and is a might warrior, and everyone knows his sword Lightning was enchanted by Cedric of Verditius. In every respect he is a knight; bar one – he has never been knighted, and lacks the social status.

He longed for the day Thomas de Uley would knight him - that day never came, and Thomas fell ill and died, leaving his wife Marguerite de Uley as lady of the manor. Everyone knows his disappointment.

So he remains a serjeant, a mercenary knight - and has to settle for his role as Captain of the Grogs, faithfully defending the covenant against all threats. He can rely on the mysterious but immensely strong Great Henry, and the wily Alan of Winchcombe in any fight, and he is a brave man and a wonderful hunter, but secretly many of the covenfolk and grogs feel sorry for him, knowing only to well his stifled ambitions.

Serjeant Blunt is played by Daniel Vandenburg

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