Sauf que parmiggiano

Sheila started attending UK RPG conventions and at one of these was introduced to Neil Taylor. This was just before ArM4 was published. Neil convinced Sheila to try his favourite game and, not long afterwards, invited her to join the new saga he was starting up. She was quickly drawn into the Ars Magica world, began keeping her online diary of the Saxum Caribetum saga sessions, and started reading the BerkList.

One UK GenCon, Neil introduced Sheila to David Chart and a bit later, David joined the Saxum Caribetum group. So, Sheila had ample opportunity to learn even more about the background to the game. When Hermes Portal started, she volunteered to help out with editing and quickly found herself the sole copy editor, which was an interesting job and, hopefully, valuable to the Ars Magica community.

Sheila responded to the Open Call for contributions to the book Living Lore and was lucky enough to have a story accepted. She also did a few vis sources for Covenants. David invited her to write more. Her contributions appear in City & Guild, The Lion and the Lily and Realms of Power: Magic.