The Archmage Is Busy

Title: The Archmage Is Busy
Story guide: Andrew Sceats
Beginning: 8pm Saturday
Duration: till close
Number of players: 6

Summary [Edit]

A ghost arrives at the Tremere Covenant of The Silent Word, bringing a vague message of doom for the Order. Unfortunately the magi are all involved in other affairs, and no-one can be spared to investigate, so the Archmage sends a handful of his most trusted covenfolk to deal with the matter.

A 3rd edition game, with plenty of mystery, investigation and combat, featuring:

  • a ghost,
  • an apprentice,
  • a shapeshifter,
  • a familiar,
  • a trainee assassin
  • and a shield grog.

Registered Players [Edit]

  1. ghost: Neil Taylor
  2. apprentice: Anders Håkon Gaut
  3. shapeshifter: Andrew Oakley
  4. familiar: Karl Trygve Kalleberg
  5. trainee assassin: Barrie James
  6. shield grog: CJ