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= Welcome to the Grand Tribunal 2010

'''Grand Tribunal 2010''' is a role playing game convention for players of the [[|Ars Magica]] roleplaying game, published by [[|Atlas Games]], and other fine games by the same company. This year it took place in Cheltenham, England, from Friday August 20^^th^^ to Sunday August 22^^nd^^.

{{figure|Angela.png|Angela Taylor's beautiful art for Grand Tribunal 2008}}

This was the fourth '''UK Grand Tribunal''', following [[|Cheltenham (2007)]], [[|Cheltenham (2008)]] and [[|Cambridge (2009)]]. The same weekend saw the [[|American Grand Tribunal]] at Lake Tahoe –.

A small friendly {{abbr|RPG|Role-Playing-Game}} event, we pride ourselves in providing a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for fellow gamers, whatever their level of knowledge of [[|Ars Magica]] and {{abbr|RPG|Role-Playing Games}}s generally.

We hope everyone enjoyed the event. A report can be found here --

==The 2011 Grand Tribunal

Next year 2011 will be held in Cambridge as part of [[|Consternation]] on August 19^^th^^ to 21^^st^^.

== The Email List

There is a small dedicated email list for discussion of the event, general chatter and any questions or requests. Do sign up at – or email [[CJ]] on and ask to be added. Traffic volume is low (perhaps 2 emails a week) except for the week immediately before and after the event when it can be busy!

''Grand Tribunal is held by kind permission of Atlas Games. ""Grand Tribunal"" and the ""Grand Tribunal"" logo are trademarks of Trident, Inc. d/b/a [[|Atlas Games]], used with permission.''

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