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Freeform (live) ''Ars Magica ''Game

The Kingdom of Thessaloniki stands surrounded by enemies, with great armies marching towards the gates. Nearly forty years ago the city was sacked in an orgy of bloodletting, desecration and sacrilege that stains the streets with the taint of evil till this very day.

Now it seems an even greater horror is to befall the citizens,and the magi who huddle within the walls. Can tragedy be averted, even as the Witch Moon rises in the eastern sky?

At last, hope! Ambassadors from the warring parties have arrived at the gates, and the startled guards realise they include some of the greatest enemies of the Kingdom. They come under a flag of truce -- but is treachery afoot, and should they even be admitted?

''Witch Moon'' is CJ's third Ars Magica freeform. It marks a departure from earlier games in the series - ''Road to Blackthorn'' & ''House of the Four Doors ''- in that it is not set at a Tribunal, and players take the roles of both magi and companions and prominent citizens in a story that will serve as a (hopefully) interesting introduction to an important city in the Theban Tribunal, and the forthcoming ''The Sundered Eagle: The Theban Tribunal ''(which should be out by the time of the convention!)

No particular historical knowledge of the place or time is needed, as your simple character sheets will include all relevant facts. Everyone has clear goals, but will need to intrigue, plot or just be lucky to achieve them!

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