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Andrew Oakley is a tall-ish fat bloke with a wife and three very young children - including baby twins - all of which prevent him from getting a decent night's sleep. He has a proper job, managing programmers for a Cheltenham-based charity providing statistical services to universities and government departments. His hobbies are being grumpy from lack of sleep, scowling at smokers at bus stops and changing nappies.

He has played RPGs since the late 1970s. He particularly enjoys lightweight pen-and-paper systems and dislikes wargaming with miniatures. His favourite systems are World of Darkness, Ars Magica and [[|Microlite]], where he usually plays lawful neutral traders with pragmatic morals who are goal-oriented. Andrew has also been known to be an NPC in a few Call of Cthulu LARPs as an evil businessman, although his involvement these days is limited by family commitments.

Andrew also enjoys computer games, programming Linux, political satire and adapting entirely inappropriate indie pop songs for the piano. He lives near Tewkesbury and hosts regular Monday night RPG sessions with [[CJ]], [[Luke Price|Luke]] and [[Kevin Sides|Kev]]. His characters are always named a variant of "Bob".

Andrew is one of those "practical" people, and has lived near Cheltenham for over twenty years. If you need any help with transport, logistics, internet connectivity, accommodation, tourist attractions, directions or public transport then he's a good person to ask.

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