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Mark Lawford lives in Eastbourne where a fantastic troupe of players allow him to indulge in experiments that sometimes bear fruit. Not literally, you understand. That would be impressive. And unexpected. No, these fruits have a tendency to wind up between the covers of Ars Magica supplements. Again, not literally... Think of the mess.

He's hoping to be able to share some info on the "unspeakable books of Cheltenham" that CJ has been alluding to elsewhere, but he's just as intrigued about what they are as anyone else so he might just end up eagerly asking questions.

He might also be persuaded to reveal a secret about his Ars Magica writing that's known to only two others. But he might have to quickly check a couple of bits first to make sure it's still true... His secrets can be bought with rum & raisin chocolate. Or cash.

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