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{{image||right}} The Candlewicks have been Seneschals of the covenant for centuries: the latest in the long line is Bobius, and soon he must take a wife and produce an heir to maintain the lineage.

Bobius is always a little sensitive about his unusual name: it's a family one apparently, but he manages to carry it with rather more dignity, some would say pomposity, then one might expect! A stern and commanding figure, he rules over the covenfolk (servants), but he is kind hearted and occasionally it is said that he can be tricked by one clever enough.

Bobius keeps details records of the magical ingredients (the vis) and the mundane stores and finances of the covenant, and liaises between the magi and the mortal folk of the covenant. He also deals with important guests, such as [[Marguerite_de_Uley]] and her daughter [[Eleanor of Jerbiton]], and any other visitors who may come to stay at the tower in the valley.

He is a busy and important man, and likely to be at his busiest tonight, The Feast of the Founder.

Bobius is played by [[Andrew Oakley]]

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