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Great Henry is one of the grogs, a muscular and handsome young man who joined the covenant ten years ago. A little clumsy, he is immensely strong - indeed mythically strong -- and carry a fully armoured knight and horse it is said should he ever have the need to. He never speaks of his past, or why he came here, but the rumour among the covenfolk is that he was when very young part of a celebrated outlaw band up in Sherwood Forest, andafter being arrested by the Sheriff of Nottingham was pardoned from the gallows by King Richard himself. He certainly seems to know a great deal about courtly etiquette, but attempts ot make him speak on the matter always fail.

Henry often appears a little simple, but he is hard working and immensely courteous to his betters, and well liked by everyone. Most of the girls of the covenant are attracted to him, but he only has eyes for [[Madeline the Fair]], an entertainer and jester who pays infrequent visits to the covenant, and who first told the story that hinted at his questionable past. She has always rebuffed his advances though, to date.

He is immensely loyal to [[Serjeant Blunt]]. commander of the Grogs, but prefers not to deal with [[Bobius Candlewick]] for some reason.

Great Henry is played by [[Ivan Hartley]]

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