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Parish priest of Uley and confessor to [[Marguerite de Uley]], this learned young priest could easily have been an important figure in the ecclesiastical hierarchy, and has many times been offered better positions more suited to his talents than that he currently holds by the Bishop. When he first arrived aged nineteen to take up his position he acted as tutor to [[Eleanor of Jerbiton]] and [[Isabella de Uley]] and their brother Tobias who has been missing since the crusade of 1204.

Why he remains in the village is anyone guess, and it is rumoured he is displeased with [[Cornelius of Bremen]] who NEVER attends mass, not even on Easter Sunday. He rarely comes to the covenant, except to perform weddings and funerals in the ramshackle chapel here, and to take the mass on Easter Day. (Failure to go to Mass on Easter Sunday makes you a heathen, so pretty much everybody goes on that day, ven if they never go on other days)

He is popular with the covenfolk and grogs and is said to know wards which drive off fairies and imps and bless the crops. He is particular friends with [[Great Henry]].

Father Gerard is played by [[Lloyd Graney]]

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