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Parens to [[Eleanor of Jerbiton]] Alice is a mature Jerbiton maga of great power, but she has for many years argued fiercely with [[Cornelius of Bremen]], for reasons not clear to anyone except those two. the ill will between them is well known throughout the covenfolk however, and after gauntleting Eleanor her apprentice last year she took off to Constantinople and the Theban Tribunal on personal business.

She arrived safely, that much is known, for her "ghotly image" appeared one night in the great hall of the covenant and spoke a short message confirming she was now in Constantinople, and telling of the dreadful ruin wrought on the city by the crusaders. She wept passionately as she spoke the words: she has always been a collector of fine religious iconography, and her knowledge of art and the finer things is without compare. The image vanished as swiftly as it came, but many felt that somehow the message she gave of the ruin of Constantinople seemed to be one of reproach, and aimed peculiarly at [[Cornelius of Bremen]], whose fault it can hardly be!

Elegant, beautiful, sophisticated, her presence is sadly missed by all. Well over a thousand miles away, she is not expected to ever return. She is a master of Rego, Creo and Imaginem magic.

If she did, she would be played by [[Kirstie Sceats]]

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