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Baron Guy of Leeds is a powerful landowner from the North of England, who is detested by almost everyone at the covenant, simply because he is said to have destroyed the hermetic covenant of Shingle Stream that once stood upon his land, and because it is said he acted with unspeakable brutality during the Fourth Crusade, coming home from the Sack of Constantinople in 1204 laden with riches but not exactly piled high with honour.

He has married half dozen rich widows, each time expanding his lands, and each time the widow in question has fallen ill and died within a year. It is said the way that some nobles hunt the fat deer, Guy of Leeds hunts heiresses.

A friend of Count William of Gloucester, it is known he has been seeking that Lord's permission to marry [[Marguerite de Uley]].If he gets it, he will be your new overlord, and very bad things might befall everyone?

A black hearted villain despised by everyone, Sir Guy is very unwelcome. Still he has come looking for Lady Marguerite and the rules of the Feast of the Founder are clear - he must be offered hospitality.

Guy is played by [[Leif Olav Josang]]
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