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Madeline is a minstrel, entertainer and sometimes jester who has entertained the covenant on many occasions in the past and is always popular. She is a rarity, an independent woman who travels around the countryside, looking after herself. Whether juggling, playing an instrument, singing, or most of all telling jokes and fairy tales Madeline brings joy wherever she goes; but many whisper she has secrets she is hiding from all, and at time she seems strangely, broodingly quiet.

Known as Madeline the Fair for her good looks, she has a magic device which allows her to appear as a man if she so chooses - some say it is a ring, given to her many years ago by a Redcap.

She is courted by many of the men of the covenant, particularly [[Great Henry]], the immensely strong grog, but she has rebuffed all advances and proposals to date.

Madeline carries a quarterstaff and is an immensely dangerous fighter, skilled with both that weapon and the dagger.

Played by [[Taryn Walton]]

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