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CJ will be updating this page as we make progress in putting the convention together.

: August 20th 2010,12.44pm :We begin in just 19 hours time. :) Neil Henderson has had to drop out; [[Mark Stanhope]] has replaced him in the freeform. Thanks Mark!

: August 18th 2010,12.44pm : Following extensive discussions on the mailing list the time of the "opening meal" has been changed to '''7pm.''' Please note!
: August 16th 2010,11.52pm : Sadly Edd can't make it, so we have potentially one free space in the freeform. However, it will run just fine with 24 - he was scheduled to play [[Guido]] who is away anyway at the start of the game.
: August 16th 2010,02.32pm : Around half the people playing in the freeform have now received their full character sheets. Thanks due to [[Ivan Hartley]] for his help with the "Public information" files. Siege of Constantinople now scheduled for session 4, [[Kevin Sides]] [[Mystery Playtest]] moved to Sunday am session, as Kev won't be able to be with us after 4pm. [[CJ]] is exhausted.
: August 13th 2010,21.01pm : CJ is updating the [[freeform]] page. Check out if the public information about your character has appeared yet so you can decide on costuming.

: August 4th 2010,13.35pm : OK, this will be the first place to hear about two forthcoming Ars Magica books,in our message from the Line Editor, [[David Chart]]. (And talk to some of the the authors, as it happens!) Also you get the chance to sign a NDA and take part in official playtest adventures!
: August 4th 2010,13.35pm : The good folk at ATLAS GAMES have confirmed we have con support - more on this soon! :)
: August 4th 2010,17.20pm :Added biography [[Daniel Vandenburg]]. anyone else wanting their bio included just email me on
: August 4th 2010,13.35pm : 27 people now registered, as [[CJ]] goes in to a frenzy of last minute organisation. Please try to check the wiki (this website) every couple of days from herein for any last minute news.
: July 14th 2010,23.54pm : We now have reached 23 paid delegates. I suspect the final number may be thirty plus. :)
: June 13th 2010, 5.43pm : [[Ivan Hartley]] and [[Daniel Vandenburg]] added to attendees.
: June 13th 2010, 5pm : [[Laura Knighton]] and [[Neil Taylor]] added to attendees. First two table top games on offer added to the [[Programme]].
: June 11th 2010, 8.45pm: Hotel prices appear to be going up already for some reason. I have updated the [[Accommodation]] page with latest price info, and welcome any new information.
: June 11th 2010, 3.30pm: The venue is wheelchair accessible and suitable, and all other peripheral venues -- restaurants, the cafe for Sunday breakfast, etc are wheelchair accessible. if you have any questions regarding mobility issues feel free to contact [[CJ]].
: June 11th 2010, 2pm: Fail to find any price advantage in group bookings, so encourage delegates to book their rooms individually. [[Accommodation]] page now has more options
: June 10th 2010 : We are currently attempting to negotiate a group booking discount for delegates.
: June 10th 2010 : [[Accommodation]] page now set up! Will be updating it further later.
: June 9th 2010 : we have received the kind permission of [[|Atlas Games]] to once again go ahead with the convention. I have sent out a official announcement on the Berklist and the Grand Tribunal yahoogroup.


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