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As delegates are confirmed and [[CJ|I]] receive their payment they will appear here. With two weeks to go we have twenty seven delegates registered, and I am hoping we will manage to make the thirty mark this year!

This being a wiki you are very welcome to register and create your own page as some delegates already have with some biographical information.

= Grogs

... being the faithful covenfolk of Cheltenham!

* [[CJ]] (Christian Jensen Romer), Covenant Autocrat
* [[Kevin Sides]], Head of Turb
* [[Thomas Nowell]]
* [[Lloyd Graney]]
* [[Luke Price]]
* [[David Sivier]]
* [[Hugh Wake]]

= Magi

... being authors of published Ars Magica books, excepting [[CJ]] who is an honorary Grog!

* [[Sheila Thomas]] (Cambridge, UK)
* [[Neil Taylor]] (Cambridge, UK)
* [[Mark Lawford]]

= Companions

Honoured Guests and Delegates

* [[Becky Smith]] (Derby, UK)
* [[Laura Knighton]]
* [[Daniel Vandenburg]] (Bath, UK)
* [[Ivan Hartley]] (London, UK)
* [[Andrew Sceats]]
* [[Kirstie Sceats]]
* [[Leif Olav Josang]] (Trondheim,Norway)
* [[Nick Meredith]] (Coventry, England)
* [[Anders HÃ¥kon Gaut]] (Norway)
* [[Mark Steedman]]
* [[Karl Trygve Kalleberg]] (Norway)
* [[Barrie James]]
* [[Nick Galaxy]]
* [[Edd Fahy]]
* [[Dan Mascall]]
* [[Taryn Walton]]
* [[Andrew Oakley]]
* [[Neil Henderson]]
* [[Barry Cowden]]
* [[Mark Stanhope]]

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