Axel of Mercere

Axel hails from the very north of the Rhine Tribunal, the region of Schleswig. He was discovered by his parens Cornelius of Bremen some sixteen years ago,and he really should be a full magus by now, but for some reason Cornelius has never seen fit to Gauntlet him, despite his having already many times travelled a full round of the Stonehenge Tribunal serving as a Redcap for a season, a traditional Gauntlet for House Mercere.

He is not just a Redcap; he is a Gifted Redcap, one of the few in the House, and the blood and magical lineage of Mercere the Founder course threw his body. Yet for some reason he remains here, still an apprentice, a year after Eleanor of Jerbiton his friend became a full maga.

Axel is handsome, impishly charming and fun, and has already an excellent command of Muto and Animal magic. Everyone knows he is desperate to be give his freedom so he can go and make his way in the world, but until he passes his Gauntlet that will not happen.

Axel is played by Karl Trygve Kalleberg

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