Black Tom

Black Tom is just plain unsettling - since he was cursed the covenfolk are scared of him, and only the Magi are immune to the weirdness. He has developed a magical air, almost as if he had the Gift.Perhaps it's his appearance - clad strangely in black, after the cursing he has developed cats ears and a black snub nose, and looks - well a bit like a half human half black tom-cat!

Tom has always been the builder and carpenter for the covenant, and plays a vital role in repairing and fixing things, and putting up new structures that can not be quickly constructed by magic. Unfortunately he has also always had a taste for poaching, and often slipped over the boundary through the woods in to the game reserve of Sir Pagan. It was on a Midsummer's Night five years ago that he interrupted a faerie hunt, and was cursed with his beastly appearance.

Tom is said to be infatuated with Madeline the Fair: he certainly pays her a great deal of attention. He is well liked by the covenfolk, but they are just – uneasy around him, and find it hard to talk to him, since the curse took effect...

Black Tom is played by Barry Cowden

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