Boniface is the youngest of the apprentices, and the youngest person present at the Feast of the Founder, as all the covenfolk's children have been put to bed.He is so young that even though he often wears a magic ring made by Geron of Bonisagus that makes him appear much older and as a mature magi, his childish mannerisms and occasionally shrill voice gives him away. Yet Boniface is no mere child: he is of mythic intelligence, and an inventive genius, and Geron knows that he will one day be a notable figure in the Order of Hermes.

Boniface caused a major squabble among the magi two years back. He was originally discovered by Alice of Jerbiton and taken as an apprentice by her, but Geron then claimed him as is his right as a Bonisagus under the Code of Hermes. This may well have been a factor in Alice's decision to leave the Covenant.

Boniface is prone to gossip, very excitable, and well liked by almost everyone: but very so often he falls silent and stares in to space in a most disconcerting manner.

Boniface is played by Neil Taylor

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