Daniel Vandenburg

I've been playing various CCG's, RPG's, board games, figure games computer games, games generally really since 1993 (earlier for computer games) when a friend I made in school introduced me to Magic the Gathering. Since he (and I) lived close to Leisure Games, a very fine North London based games shop what was to be a lifelong hobby started.

I started going to the Old Finchleans Games Club when I was about 15 (1997) and there met many fine games and gamers. I spent a lot of my spare time since playing Shadowfist CCG, and made many friends for life through the game, not least of who is Ivan Hartley, who introduced me to Ars Magica.

I had been aware of Ars for many years but never looked at it much untill this Christmas gone. The context seemed interesting, the Medieval world as the peasant feared it was, rather than how it actually was. In particular I enjoyed reading Arts and Acadaeme as I am thus far an (almost) life long student.

That brings me to my "real life" hobby: finishing a PhD in chemistry. I hope to submit my thesis this October so the Grand Tribunal is a little break for me from my thesis woes.

I have never actually played a game of Ars before, I have read a lot of the lore and rules and designed a few characters, so you may have to bare with me sometimes!