David Chart

David Chart started roleplaying when he was twelve, with the new red box D&D. He read a review of Ars Magica in Dragon magazine, thought it sounded really interesting, and managed to get hold of a copy of the revised edition soon afterwards. It quickly became his favourite game, and introduced him to medieval history.

At Cambridge, he started an Ars Magica saga, which ran for several years before the magi became too powerful to believe. A little earlier, he sent a letter to White Wolf saying "Hey, you got Dante's dates utterly wrong in a magazine article", but somehow doing it in a way that had Mark Rein-Hagen writing back and asking him to write for the game. (We had to do things by letter back then; the internet was just getting started.)

His first published work was an article for Ars Magica in White Wolf magazine, which was written for ArM2, published after ArM3 came out, and which predated his actually playing Ars Magica.

Thanks to being online when WotC announced its cancellation of Ars Magica, he got involved in the development of ArM4. Somewhere soon after this he met Neil and Sheila, and a few years later was invited to join their Ars Magica saga. At the same time he was writing lots and lots for the game.

In 2001, Atlas asked him to be Line Editor. Since then he's moved to Japan, something that Atlas took with remarkable equanimity, possibly because it left him no further from the Atlas office than when he started, just in the opposite direction.