Eleanor of Jerbiton

Eleanor is the daughter of Baroness Marguerite de Uley, and twin sister of Isabella de Uley. She was raised as a noble lady, and has been courted by half the minor nobility and knights of England, but from an early age made it clear that she had no interest in taking a husband and settling down to the life of a lady. Instead she read books, becoming fluent in French, Latin and even written English, and studying alongside her older brother Tobias under the tutelage of Father Gerard, a village priest not much older than Tobias. Her great friend and twin sister Isabella de Uley had no heart for lessons; preferring to play musical instruments and sing and dance, and Tobias preferred riding, fighting and hunting, as a young knight should: but all three siblings were great friends. You were devastated 16 years ago when your brother wet missing on crusade; the last letter was sent in 1204 from Constantinople where upset by what he had seen he vowed to travel to the Holy Land alone to fight the battle he had intended to fight when he joined the crusade

At the age of 13 you did what everyone expected, and went away to join a nunnery; but in reality you slipped away on the first night from that dull tedious place, and returned to the tower in the woods, where for the last 15 years you trained in magic under Alice of Jerbiton, a powerful maga who has recently left the covenant to journey to Constantinople on a mysterious errand. While supposedly a secret that you had joined the scholars in the tower, you only really tried to hide it from your mother, and she at least half-suspects the truth, though you never openly speak of it.

Gentle Gifted, you are the most approachable of the magi and friend with the covenfolk, and especially with the young apprentices still studying magic.

You are skilled in Perdo and Imaginem magic.

Eleanor is played by Laura Knighton

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