Geron of Bonisagus

Geron has been at the covenant for the last thirty years, but to many of the covenfolk he could have arrived yesterday! He is the quintessential Bonisagus lab rat, usually seen in his ink stained white robes emerging briefly from his laboratory to send for some outlandish magical ingredient, muttering bizarrely about formulae and magical equations noo ne else understands at all. He is friends with his fellow magi, but almost never attends social functions, barring this, the Feast of the Founder, where very year he appears, and looks every bit as uncomfortable as his magical Gift makes normal non-magical folk feel.

That he is a powerful magus no one doubts; that he is engaged on some long term research project is equally apparent, but no one knows what it is. His apprentice Boniface has revealed however that he is a master of Perdo, Ignem and Aquam magic, and his sigil involves a sudden feeling of cold and frost appearing on items he touches.

Played by Barrie James

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