Guido is a Redcap, one of the messengers of the Order of Hermes. He was born in East Anglia, and apprenticed at the Covenant of Antiqua Natura in the Norfolk fens, and according to him everything there is much better than here. His gentle teasing occasionally annoys the residents of the covenant, but they know he is a brilliant and talented traveller, and a messenger beyond compare. No matter how dangerous a mission, Guido always comes back alive, with a great story to share.

Guido loves to be away from the covenant off on his travels, and recently has seemed to spend longer and longer periods absent. He seems particularly unhappy to be back tonight, but it is well known that all the magi, including Redcaps must be her for the Feast of the Founder.

Even so he arrives late, and is unusually quiet as he leads his horse to the stables...

Guido is played by Edd Fahy
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