Ivan Hartley

Ivan writes...

Haling from The Big Smoke, situated on the east coast of the largest of the four major islands of the New Zealand archipelago, Ivan arrived in the UK at the beginning of the “drought” of 1995. He is still entertained by the dilution of that word in these climes.

Ivan has indulged in RPGs since the Dawn of Time (well, Time as it is reckoned from the advent of the earliest D&D). He has dabbled in:
• Chivalry and Sorcery – in which he was tickled by the methods for catching fish
• Bushido – in which he indulged in some abysmal haiku
• Gamma World – of which he recalls little
• Traveller – the classic game of silver service dining
• Shadow Run – to which he did not take
• Various incarnations of D&D – kill the monster, nick its stuff
• Feng Shui – in which he indulged in some anarchic furniture re-arranging
• Ancient and Napoleonic tabletop wargaming
• And, assorted board games

Living in an apartment with a view of the Thames and Kew Gardens, with his long-suffering partner, Nicky, who does not understand games, but tolerates his obsession. Said apartment lacks two things to make it perfect, a large sunny balcony and three cats. Ivan is indeed fortunate.

Having been unsuccessful in convincing his gaming friends to play Ars Magica, as they prefer hack and slash, he is thus starved of the richness to which the game aspires. He has been known to while away the hours creating characters and covenants, which are unlikely to see any play in the foreseeable future. Sadly, his partner in gaming crime is currently in Oman, where skype is considered to be pornographic, thus further stifling his RPG activities.

For a fix of gaming, Ivan indulges in Shadowfist and occasionally in Lord of the Rings CCGs. He is a newby at Grand Tribunal, and greatly looking forward to it.