About Kevin Sides

Hi all...

OK, I'm an IT geek by trade, I have been a roleplayer and DM since i was in middle school (circa 10-13 years old).
I am left handed, a goth, a pagan, and a roleplayer. I think I managed to pick pretty much every sub category I could find. :)


For those on the berklist, I am one of the people responsible for cj's post about telekinetic players affecting dice, I playtested 5th Ed, as well as several other books.favoured 5th Ed characters include Benz, a Tytalean CrAn specialist, (responsible for the words..."so... Divine isn't covered by the code? so we can molest and antagonise the divine as much as we want legally, it's just a bad idea... Guys? guys? it was just a hypothetical statement!") followed by several remakes of the same character as rules shifted...

Not responsible in any way for any playtesting involving breaking the rules so hard they shatter in any way whatsoever. :)

I'm a local Cheltenhamite, so I'll see you all at the con.