Marguerite de Uley

Lady Marguerite de Uley is the lady of the manor on whom the covenant of Puck's Dell stands. She has two faithful knights who hold manors from her Sir Robert and Sir Pagan, and since the death of her husband Baron Thomas last year she has ruled the manor in her own name, awaiting the judgement of Count William her feudal overlord as to whether she must re-marry, or may continue to hold the lands as an heiress. Her only son Sir Tobias went off on crusade some fifteen years ago, and is believed dead: the last letter home said he had left the Crusaders at Constantinople to make his own way to the Holy Land, and that was in 1204.There has been no word from him since.

Lady Marguerite has twin daughters, Eleanor of Jerbiton and Isabella de Uley. Eleanor is a real worry to her mother, for having planned to become a nun for many years as a child, and left to join a convent, she later found Eleanor had rejected this calling and has joined the community of scholars at the tower in the woods, and now lives among the magicians. In fact she sometimes wonders if Eleanor became one herself! Isabella is quieter, much given to music and dancing, and a real support to her mother, but without a dowry marrying her off has proven difficult, and most of her suitors simply want to gain control of the estates, so she has rejected them one after the other.

Also with her is her loyal parish priest Father Gerard

Lady Marguerite is played by Sheila Thomas