Mystery Playtest

Have you ever wanted to playtest an rpg session, and have your name in the front of the book? Well I'm sure many of you have, but if you have not,this is your chance.

David Chart the line editor has kindly given us permission to run short playtest adventures fro an Ars Magica project currently in development. Before the game starts, all players will be required to sign the official Non-Diclosure Agreement,(NDA)and then you play the adventure as usual, run by members of CJ's official playtest group.

After the game, you will be asked to provide feedback, and your comments will be collated, and be added to the playtest report we submit to David. Your names will of course feature in the final book as playtesters.

There will be two or three mystery playtest sessions run, and your feedback will be invaluable in maintaining the quality of the line. I'm sure many of you have noticed just how extensively playtested all Ars MAgica books are – two separate playtests, running over several months, for each product. Well in this way you will be helping out, and having signed an NDA you will be theoretically able to playtest future projects more extensively?

Most of all it wil be fun, and give you a glimose of a future book still probably a couple of years from hitting the games store shelves.

All mystery playtest sessions will be sign up on the day only.