CJ will be updating this page as we make progress in putting the convention together.

August 20th 2010,12.44pm
We begin in just 19 hours time. :) Neil Henderson has had to drop out; Mark Stanhope has replaced him in the freeform. Thanks Mark!
August 18th 2010,12.44pm
Following extensive discussions on the mailing list the time of the "opening meal" has been changed to 7pm. Please note!
August 16th 2010,11.52pm
Sadly Edd can't make it, so we have potentially one free space in the freeform. However, it will run just fine with 24 - he was scheduled to play Guido who is away anyway at the start of the game.
August 16th 2010,02.32pm
Around half the people playing in the freeform have now received their full character sheets. Thanks due to Ivan Hartley for his help with the "Public information" files. Siege of Constantinople now scheduled for session 4, Kevin Sides Mystery Playtest moved to Sunday am session, as Kev won't be able to be with us after 4pm. CJ is exhausted.
August 13th 2010,21.01pm
CJ is updating the freeform page. Check out if the public information about your character has appeared yet so you can decide on costuming.
August 4th 2010,13.35pm
OK, this will be the first place to hear about two forthcoming Ars Magica books,in our message from the Line Editor, David Chart. (And talk to some of the the authors, as it happens!) Also you get the chance to sign a NDA and take part in official playtest adventures!
August 4th 2010,13.35pm
The good folk at ATLAS GAMES have confirmed we have con support - more on this soon! :)
August 4th 2010,17.20pm
Added biography Daniel Vandenburg. anyone else wanting their bio included just email me on
August 4th 2010,13.35pm
27 people now registered, as CJ goes in to a frenzy of last minute organisation. Please try to check the wiki (this website) every couple of days from herein for any last minute news.
July 14th 2010,23.54pm
We now have reached 23 paid delegates. I suspect the final number may be thirty plus. :)
June 13th 2010, 5.43pm
Ivan Hartley and Daniel Vandenburg added to attendees.
June 13th 2010, 5pm
Laura Knighton and Neil Taylor added to attendees. First two table top games on offer added to the Programme.
June 11th 2010, 8.45pm
Hotel prices appear to be going up already for some reason. I have updated the Accommodation page with latest price info, and welcome any new information.
June 11th 2010, 3.30pm
The venue is wheelchair accessible and suitable, and all other peripheral venues – restaurants, the cafe for Sunday breakfast, etc are wheelchair accessible. if you have any questions regarding mobility issues feel free to contact CJ.
June 11th 2010, 2pm
Fail to find any price advantage in group bookings, so encourage delegates to book their rooms individually. Accommodation page now has more options
June 10th 2010
We are currently attempting to negotiate a group booking discount for delegates.
June 10th 2010
Accommodation page now set up! Will be updating it further later.
June 9th 2010
we have received the kind permission of Atlas Games to once again go ahead with the convention. I have sent out a official announcement on the Berklist and the Grand Tribunal yahoogroup.

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