Note: while a few games have been advertised well in advance and have people signed up for them, other games will be running all weekend, as well as a boardgames room for people who want to play something other than an rpg. Do not panic if you have not signed up for any of the advertised games already, no one is ever left without anything to do!

Friday 20th August [Edit]

Meet at Happy Garden Chinese restaurant for meal at 7pm (attendance optional)
Happy Garden Chinese Take Away Cheltenham, Restaurant
327-329 High Street, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL50 3HS
01242 690 698,

High Street end of Normal Terrace. Relatively inexpensive, very good quality.

Gaming will follow later; we are still ironing out plans.

Saturday 21st August 2010 [Edit]

10AM The venue opens The day is divided in to six "sessions" to help schedule games etc. Some will take more than one session. A dedicated room for board and card games will be available all day as well, but these games do not need signing up for in advance.

*Session 1: 10AM-11AM Workshops, seminars, discussions. Opens with message from the Line Editor David Chart revealing a number of forthcoming books for the first time – and a great many secrets! This session is only an hour, but includes

* The Verditius Contest – a Flying Ship design challenge. Yes, just invent a flying ship, and the most elegant and economical design wins. A fun exercise for people who like the design rules for magic items. Full detials will be provided on sheets of paper on the day, then you all sit round a table and work on your design. Best wins a prize.

* The Authors Panel – the writers of various Ars books talk about their work, and recent and forthcoming books, including The Thebes Tribunal book, and two projects which are revealed for the first time (with line editors consent) at the Tribunal.

* Boardgames Corner - Becky Smith will be running the boardgames room all weekend, so you get a chance to play a number of un boardgames, and this hour slot might be a good time to fit one in!

Session 2: 11AM – 1pm A freeform (non-contact) Ars Magica game occurs – attendance is optional but encouraged. People are encouraged to dress up and will receive a character sheet with details of their character, and scheme and plot to achieve their personal goals. This years game will be refereed by CJ. Other games WILL be played in this time.

Session 3: 1.30-4pm Twilight Fades - CJ or Mystery Playtest

Session 4: 4pm-7pm The Unquiet Grave - Leif. or Siege of Constantinople - Nick Galaxy

Session 5: Evening meal and Charity Raffle

Session 6:8pm - close The Archmage Is Busy - Andrew Sceats or Mystery Playtest

Sunday 22nd August [Edit]

Morning Session at Gas Green from 9am to 1pm.

The Deal Cafe where we usually breakfast has closed down, so we will meet directly at the venue.having breakfasted at our hotels or homes. If anyone wants details of local churches just ask CJ. Our hosts, the Baptists, hold a service next door to the venue which a few of us might attend.
Play games you have missed before, by arrangement? This is a great opportunity to play games (especially boardgames), catch a long session of a game oyu really wanted to play but missed, or just say your goodbyes, and then participate in the great clean up as the venue has a party booked for 2pm! A Mystery Playtest will be run by Kevin Sides in this time slot.