Sir Pagan

Sir Pagan is the Lord of Nympsfield, the manor on the other side of the valley to Uley, and a vassal of Marguerite de Uley. He prides himself on being the best horseman, best swordsman and best huntsman in the region. Vain, ambitious and yet with the talent to carry it off, he has been much more independent since Sir Thomas Uley died last year.

Pagan claims that by ancient right the valley that contains the covenant is part of his estates, not the demesne of Marguerite de Uley. As a loyal vassal he has never pushed his claim.

A former crusader, Pagan is almost as heathen as his name suggests - when he returned in 1205 from the crusades, something had changed him, and he has never spoken of his experiences in the East accept to sy he has no idea of the fate of Sir Tobias, Marguerite's son, after the Fall of Constantinople.

He has recently been spending a lot of time around the covenant and around Lady Marguerite's court.

Sir Pagan is played by Luke Price

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