Sir Robert

A gentle knight, a younger son of a great lord – Count William of Gloucester. Count William his father is liege lord to the estate of Marguerite de Uley, and will ultimately decide who she must marry and therefore wo will be your next lord. Unfortunately everyone knows that the wicked Baron Guy of Leeds is the most likely candidate for this marriage, and that once he lays claim to the estate and married poor Marguerite things will change around here, and may become harder for the magi who have always been tolerated by the de Uley's.

Robert is a romantic and chivalric knight, but also a ferocious warrior. Many of the covenfolk hope he can persuade his father to allow the estate to remain in Marguerite's hands, but since she has no male heir since her son Tobias vanished on crusade in 1204 that seems rather unlikely.She and her daughters may soon be forced to accept a new husband and father, and Robert is known to be upset by this.

Sir Robert is played by Anders Håkon Gaut

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