Stephen is one of the two (unGifted) Redcaps at the covenant, and is known to be unhappy with his lot. Born and raised here, he often complains that while one might expect an important Mercere led covenants to support its Redcaps well, and he certainly has no complaints about the magic items produced by Cedric of Verditius and Cornelius of Bremen for the Redcaps, he feels the Redcaps have never been granted the status their full membership of the Order of Hermes entails, and are treated more like covenfolk than full magi.

Stephen is a wild youth, and has travelled extensively, even disappearing for three years before being discovered recovering from a serious illness by a Quaesitor. He has never spoken of the nature of that illness, but he seems to hold a severe grudge about something since his return.

He also appears to have a very serious problem with Madeline the Fair.Exctly why he avoids her and scowls whenever she is mentioned is not known.

Played by Dan Mascall

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