The Unquiet Grave

Tabletop game

"Can anyone remember the last time they saw the sun?"
It's been raining for three months. It's getting muddy. Even for Yorkshire.
Worse, every time a perfect ambush is about to come to fruition,
lightning strikes and reveals the plot, usually blinding you and
allowing your prey to make good their escape.
"Yes, in August when we ambushed the bard, I think..."

After hearing what happened in May, the last living Magus in Eyuppus, the Covenant of the Yorkshire Moors sends out his best (and only) men to save Yorkshire from famine and himself from being blamed for it. You are a motely crew of meagre intellectual prowess, but make up for it with enthusiasm and free access to the magic stores of a Winter Covenant. Wonders such as The Helmet of Perfect Hindsight and the Spirits of Spirit Sight will assist you in this pursuit of romance and, well, water.

Number of players: up to 6 Companions.

Signed up so far: Leif Olav Josang (storyteller), CJ, Sheila Thomas, Ivan Hartley, Daniel Vandenburg, Barrie James, Andrew Oakley

May run second run?